What is mediation?

Mediation is a facilitated negotiation that uses an intermediary to improve dialogue or re-start communication where parties have reached an impasse in their own negotiations. Mediation provides a process which allows the parties who are in conflict to reach an agreed settlement upon their own terms, and not those which are forced upon them by a court or tribunal.

As a mediator it is Paul’s job to collect and anaylse the facts, and review and discuss the issues of conflict both prior to and during  the mediation. Working with the parties, Paul develops a strategy that gives them the best kind of discussion and process, allowing the parties to make good settlement decisions that are well thought through.

Mediation gives parties who have reached an impasse the opportunity for reconciliation and resolve by engaging in dialogue that discusses and acknowledges the past, while focusing clearly upon the future. It is Paul’s role to identify possible options and solutions through dialogue with the parties. Paul is clear that his task is to lead the mediation by pointing to ways forward, keeping the focus upon solutions by making valuable contributions, and by giving perspective, and robust reality testing where needed. Finally, Paul's experience, expertise and knowledge give the parties in dispute direction towards agreement.